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I love book clubs! And I love talking to readers. So it made sense for me to offer an opportunity for book clubs who pick Number One Chinese Restaurant to invite me to Skype in for an informal conversation. If your book club* chooses NOCR for their next discussion, go ahead and fill out the form below to request a Skype date with yours truly. I only request that your club make a donation to a local charity, preferably one interested in literacy or social justice.

While I have you, check out my reading group guide here, which comes with discussion questions to get the conversation started! I've also included my dad's sweet-and-sticky spare ribs recipe below, for the ambitious book club host who likes to put out a thematically appropriate spread. The recipe is easy to double (or triple). As an appetizer, each pound of meat serves 6.

Finally, a quick tip: Check with your local indie bookstore to see if they'll offer a book club discount if your members buy from their store! Many will, and most are amenable to negotiation ;)   

*Priority will go to book clubs with ten or more members, but I will do my best to make time for any size book club! 


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